Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cucumber Sandwiches

About a year ago my lovely sister-in-law asked me if I would make a cake for her wedding.  I also offered to make one for another dear friend who was to marry the weekend before my sister-in-law.

So in my two week uni holidays last september I spent over forty hours in our tiny little kitchen. I made 12 separate cake layers, used over three and half kilos of white chocolate and I am sure almost my own weight in butter. 

But the truth is, I had so much fun. 

...and now, a year later, I am going to get baking again for two lovely sisters who are both getting married this year.

On the weekend, I had the girls and their partners over for some cake tasting and afternoon tea, including some delicious, fancy tea sandwiches.

I was given the recipe by the lovely Amelia Ruby from The Tea Parlour in Sydney and believe me they are simply divine.

{Cucumber Sandwiches}

Six slices of soft white bread

One telegraph cucumber, thinly sliced

cream cheese spread 

Dried Oregano

Salt & White Pepper

Spread the each slice of bread with with a generous amount of cream cheese spread.

Place cucumbers pieces on three of the slices of bread. 

Sprinkle with oregano and a little salt and pepper.

Cut into triangles and serve with some hot tea

... and a slice of cake of course.