Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our Weekend...

Hi lovelies,

How was your weekend?
 I hope you have been enjoying this glorious August weather.

The boy and I were lucky enough to head to the Hunter Valley for the wedding of a gorgeous couple from our church.

It was one of those simply beautiful weddings held in a tiny stone church, followed by a dinner at a delightful little champagne house (yum!). Everything was completely gorgeous and adorable and I was so excited that I had been asked to make their wedding cake.  

I knew you would want a peek, and believe me I had to fight the photographer guy to get some photos  (you can see him in the reflection). I got the feeling he wasn't happy with me prancing into the closed-off reception area before guests were invited in.

 But I just had to... beacause doesn't the cake look adorable next to the little jar of baby's breath?

... speaking of babies. 

A little birdy just told us that we have a brand new nephew... so new he doesn't even have a name yet.

I am already completely smitten.