Friday, September 16, 2011


Hello there...

How are you?

Since we spoke Spring has arrived in all it's glory. 

I have been loving waking up early to a room full of sunlight and it honestly makes driving an hour to uni, seem somehow more manageable. 

Our weekend started with a rare treat, both the boy and I got home in time for afternoon tea.

I whipped up some scones and we shared a pot of earl grey, a perfect way to end a busy week.

So Happy Friday.
... what are your plans for the warm days ahead? 


Preheat your oven to 200˚C

80 grams of unsalted butter

3 cups of self-raising flour

A pinch of salt

3 teaspoons of caster sugar

the rind of half a lemon (finely grated)

1 cup of milk

1 teaspoon of pure vanilla essence 

Combine flour, salt, sugar and lemon rind in a large bowl.

Rub butter into the flour mixture until it looks not unlike breadcrumbs.

Then pour in the milk and vanilla, stir in with a knife until just combined. (Be careful not to over-mix)

Pour mixture out onto a floured board and knead, slightly, until smooth. 

Roll out until the dough is about 2 cm thick then cut out with a scone cutter or just cut into triangles.

Brush scones with milk and bake for 12 - 14 minutes.

Serve with jam and butter or fresh cream.

Recipe can be doubled or halved.



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  2. A perfectly lovely way to end the week. I wish I had been able to join you! On the baking front its my love's birthday tomorrow and I'm planning a caramelised banana and mascapone cake :) The days are getting cooler and crisper here so we're trying to soak in the sun as much as we can. Have a blessed weekend x

  3. Oooh yum... that cakes sounds divine. I hope you post the recipe. Enjoy the last of your sunlight. Hannah x