Sunday, November 27, 2011


On our way from Rome to Verona (about a five hour journey by train) we shared a cabin with a lovely young couple from Innsbruck who were returning home after a romantic weekend in Italy. They were surprised when we told them that we were planning to spend two nights in their home town, but they invited us to meet them for a drink none the less.
Well, not long after arriving in Innsbruck we started to fall in love.
We loved the old town, the mountains and the endless grey skies. We loved the markets and the beautiful Christmas tree decorated in fairy lights. We loved our accommodation, a small room just above the best cafe in town, where we made sure we had a hot chocolate and a pastry every afternoon. And we loved meeting our new Austrian friends on a cold night in a cosy bar for a drink. But we'll have to let them know that next time we come, we'll stay three nights.


  1. I have not yet been to Austria, but this makes me want to go! The holiday season in Europe is so magical

  2. That is so true Gwen... it really feels like Christmas over here.
    Thanks for your comments. x

  3. Hi our lovely friends from the "other" Austria in the South. It was so great fun with you! And yes, the next time you have to stay much longer in Austria or better in Innsbruck. By the way: The cake - I think, it is a "Bienenstich" or something like this - looks very nice. Maybe I should go for it with Regine. :-)
    Have some more fine days in Vienna and a good journey through Europe. Bussi (<-- that is the same as your "x") to you from us!

    ...I won't excuse my perfect english again ;-)

  4. Oh I wish our Christmas's were in Winter. There is something truly magical about a white Christmas, hot drinks and fairy lights.

  5. Thanks will... You should defiantly take Regina there and have a hot chocolate. Thanks for posting on my blog. I love your profile pic.

    Katrina - I so agree. I would love to come to Europe every Christmas. Although I guess I would miss backyard cricket! x