Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Day Trip To Venice

In the lead up to our trip to Europe Tess and I heard a lot about Venice. And it's not surprising really as these days Venice is visited by on average 50,000 tourists, per day. So it's busy and there are shops everywhere selling everything you would expect to bring home from a trip to Italy, leather bags, scarves, shoes, pasta, there was was even a store full of Italian souvenirs for your pet.
However despite all this I still found Venice to be charming and was glad to have visited.


  1. What a surprise that you were both in Venice on the same day as my church's ladies dinner which was based on "A Night In Venice"! We had to decorate our tables according to the Venetian theme so of course we were surrounded by candles, masks and other pretty things. Our table was fun to decorate with lace, velvet,candles, pink glass,vases, and crystal with a mirror on the table to reflect it all even the real silverware. The music was the beautiful Strauss overture of A Night in Venice.
    It is inspiring to read your blog and delight in your photos.
    Have you been to any church services? What are they like?

    Love from Aunty Kathy

  2. Ahh Venice...the most romantic city I've ever been to.