Sunday, October 2, 2011

November Travels

On Friday I set about to make a nanna-inspired jam and coconut slice, not unlike this one here
However I decided to try whipping the egg whites into a meringue style topping and adding freshly ground almonds to the base. Well... let's just say it didn't really work out. It was kind of sickly sweet and super crunchy - not in a good way. 

So anyway instead, I thought I would share with you some details about my up coming travels. Which is only 40 days away (who's counting?). 

The plan is to leave Sydney on the 11th November and travel with my gorgeous cousin for the first four weeks. After that I will spend two weeks in London with my best friend...
Then just after Christmas the boy will arrive and we will hang out with his family in England, then have our own little adventure that finishes with five nights pretending to be locals in a Parisian apartment.

 I have had so much fun organising all the little details so far including my colour-coordinated itinerary which the image above is from. 

Anyway I thought I would ask, 

will you be upset if this blog becomes a bit of a travel diary?

 I promise to take lots of photos of delicious food and I might even have time to do a little cooking. But, lets be honest... it will mostly be eating. 

Hope your enjoying the long weekend. 



  1. Gorgeous! Can't wait for the cooking/eating/travel blog posts from you, lovely! x

  2. Thanks Amy, Wow I love your little logo... so cute.

  3. Oh my gosh FUN! I'm jealous! The least you can do is share your travels with us ;-)

  4. Thanks Krysten... glad to know I will still have some readers. Your blog is very cute! I love the little shelf. x

  5. Damn! I just followed the 'cousin' link and found your amazing toblerone cookie recipe for me.... And I cried again! I think this is about the 8th time now... Also, I am currently making you a patchwork camera case because I can't wait to travel the world with you, you beautiful human xo

  6. What wonderful adventures await you! It will be nice to meet over a hot chocolate... And yes please do keep a travel diary on here.