Sunday, December 18, 2011


Before going to brussels we were given a great deal of negative feed back about the place. Dirty, ugly, boring were the words most commonly used to describe it. Some even explained that it wasn't worth a visit, that instead we should head straight to the prettier town of Brugge. However thankfully my sister in law and her husband, both keen travelers, went against the grain. 'You will love it', they told me, so we kept it in the itinerary.

Once we got there I managed to find a very handy little map that suggested multiple walks you could take around the city. The one we chose took us first to breakfast at a lovely cafe, through the main part of town, past the European Parliament and ended in a lovely large park where many Belgians were out walking their dogs. It was a glorious winter day and we loved it. Sure it wasn't as pretty as Paris or as organized as Berlin, it didn't have as many sights as Rome or was it as romantic as Verona. But it was, in it's own way, completely charming.
...and I don't know how you could not love a place that is famous for waffles, beer and chocolate.

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