Friday, January 13, 2012

(image above taken in Brugge, Belgium)

Hello again.... How are you?

Did you have a wonderful Christmas? And how about your New Year?

Sorry it's a belated greeting.
I had a lovely Christmas, but not in the way I expected. In the next week or so I will hopefully catch you up on all my adventures since my last post. But for now let me explain where I've been.

Originally the plan was that after venturing around with my cousin I would spend some time with my best friend who lives in London, then head to Sussex where my mother in law lives and spend a quiet Christmas there waiting until the boy arrived on boxing day.I was so looking forward to my time in England. Especially the opportunity to meet the boy's grandfather, Tom, who over 60 years ago bought the engagement ring, that I now wear today.

However sadly just before I arrive in England, Tom passed away, he was ninety one.

I skipped London and headed straight to Sussex to be with the boy's mum. We were soon very busy with preparations and arrangements including getting the boy on an early flight over so he could conduct Tom's funeral.

Though it was a sad time it was a blessing that we could be there. I enjoyed making tea and sandwiches for relatives who had traveled from all over England. And I loved staying in the house where my mother-in-law grew up. And though I never got a chance to meet Tom, I found I learnt a lot about his life.

I learnt that he was a man who always had a smile on his face and who loved his family more than anything.

I learnt that he spent lots of time gardening, cycling and fixing things, three passions my husband has certainly inherited.

And I learnt that during the summer months he could often be found in his backyard, under the apple tree sharing a cold drink with his daughter.

He has inspired me to take more moments like that. Moments to stop and sit and enjoy where you are, the life you have and those who are there beside you.

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  1. A beautifully written post Hannah, sorry to hear about Tom. What a long life he led. Enjoy the rest of your time overseas.