Monday, July 11, 2011

Anniversary Gifts

Today is the anniversary of our wedding....

It is two years today since I walked down the isle to meet my darling boy and we promised, with the LORD as our strength, to love each other forever.

I was twenty when we got married, and plenty of people told me I was crazy, and far too young. But, I can honestly say so far it has been the best decisions I have ever made.  
The boy and I  have so much fun together and I don't know how exactly, but I feel like I love him more everyday. 

Anyway to celebrate the occasion I gave him a shovel (not so romantic, but I promise it is what he wanted). And he gave me a weeks accommodation in Paris for our trip in November (we are going to splurge on a lovely lil apartment, close to the Louvre).

However I also received this other delightful gift. Amy finished working on my amazing new web page. Isn't it gorgeous? She is incredible, and I am so happy with it. 
Thank you gorgeous girl.

And thank you darling boy... for the most wonderful two years as your wife.

I look forward to many more.


1 comment:

  1. Congrats guys!
    Can't believe it's been two whole years - your little flower girl has grown up too! Lovely blog.